Interview with Mr.Amit Haware

Interview with Mr.Amit Haware


Haware group is one of the most trusted brands in the real estate sector. They have been active in Real Estate scene for over two decades now. Haware group have built and handed over more than 45000 homes till today and hope to deliver many more in the time to come. Although group cater to the entire range of customers & make homes from 10 lacs to 10 crores,they create malls, commercial projects, Infotech parks & office spaces, but most of projects are in Nano Housing. Haware group is proud to work towards this dream of making homes for everyone and the trust customers bestow upon them motivates to work harder.Latest township project Haware Pinnacle was SOLD OUT within one week of its launch, showing the immense faith customers have in them. Haware group are in the planning stages of launching many more nano housing projects and smart cities& smart villages in the MMR region.

What are some of your benchmark projects?

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Squarefoot Magazine for the great work its doing by providing important news & articles related to Real Estate. It is indeed a great initiative.

Nano housing is our speciality. It is an innovation of our MD Mr. Suresh Haware. In nano housing we reduce the area of a house by upto 25% & we reduce our rates by upto 25% thereby significantly reducing the cost of house to the buyer. We have created many benchmarks, but the few I want to talk about is our nano housing project Haware Citi,a project of 2000 houses located at Godhb under road,Thane and our nano housing project Haware Pinnacle of 300 houses located in Kalyan. We started Haware Citi in 2009-10, in the era of a slowdown in the real estate market.As soon as we launched, there was a tremendous response from everyone. We are fortunate for the many blessings of our customers and we cherish this great trust amongst people. Our first phase of about 1500 houses was SOLD OUT in one month, which was an unprecedented record. The reason it had a big impact was that it was a concept based on the vision of“Housing for All”. The amenities were luxurious while the price was affordable. This is our speciality. We always work on a big scale. We procure all construction materials directly from manufacturing companies & not from the dealers. Our architectural planning is optimized for efficiently using the available space. Haware group has always believed in volume of work. The margins are low but the volume is huge and this impacts the entire turnover of the company.On-time possession of houses is another quality. We are proud to say that we finish our projects before time. We handed over the Haware Citi project before time. Our project Haware Pinnacle is ahead of its schedule by leaps and bounds and we are sure to hand it over much before our promised delivery date. It is because of this achievement that the trust converts into credibility among customers and generates a good word of mouth in the market.

The Real Estate sector has earned a bad repute because of irregularities in the media?

Every industry has its good and bad elements. Reputation is based on performance. If you perform and deliver what you promised, you build a good reputation. If you are transparent about the dealings the customers are going to reward you with trust and blessings. When we are selling a house we make sure that the entire process is transparent. We also see to it that we have zero hidden costs. People see that we are being completely honest& that rewards us. We at ensuring that we fulfil the expectations & promises to our customers no matter what.

Is there any niche you need to create as far as the Reality market is concerned?

The niche that exists now is in nano housing. We want to take the concept of nano housing to the next level and go on to create affordable smart cities. Smart City is a concept in which the city is self-sufficient with all the services & amenities like shops, hospitals, houses, colleges, schools, offices, parks, recreation centres etc. A smart city is also environment friendly & futuristic. We are working on creating such smart cities to provide affordable housing for all in and around Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi ji has also taken the initiative of“Housing For All by 2022”. We consider ourselves as soldiers for the development of India. It is a very difficult task,but definitely not impossible. We are putting in our best efforts & working hard to fulfil these dreams.

You are busy round the clock. How do you maintain balance between work & home?

It is very important to maintain a balance between work & home. If you can’t concentrate on one, you can’t concentrate on the other. I focus on keeping office and home separate. I don’t take office to home and don’t take home to office. It’s about living in the present. At home my mother and my wife are my support system. They give me strength and make me who I am. Also,I am fortunate that I am working with my family itself. My father is my icon, my best friend &my boss as well. Even with my brother, it’s the same. I love my brother and it’s fun to work with him. It’s satisfactory to work in the company where you have an environment where all employees work as a family. We enjoy what we do. This enables us to give our one hundred percent each day. We are satisfied & happy about our work &the positivity that it creates. Our efforts contribute not just to the industry,but also to the society and the nation as a whole.

You spoke about how closely you treat your employees. What do you want to say about the labourers/ skilled labours?

A labourer builds everyone’s house, but a labourer himself rarely has one. He isa nomadic person who moves from site to site.Their children do not get proper education. We have taken the initiative to educate them and have organized schools for children of laborers at all our sites. We also encourage the children to attend school by giving them fruits, chocolates, etc. The kids are happy & in return the laborers are happier for the welfare of their children. I think that education is a very vital part for any child. If laborer’s kids were not educated they would end up living the same life as their parents. But if we educate these children, they will have a better future. And if our country stresses on education then I don’t think anyone can stop India from being a superpower.

Another initiative that we have taken is for skilled labourers. Our education system has degree courses for civil engineering. But for all the posts in the construction industry under a civil engineer like civil supervisor, fitter, carpenter, electrician, plumber, mason, etc. there is no system of formal education. We started the Haware Real Estate Training Institute (HRETI) to turn the situation around. Eligibility for admission was kept at passing the 10th standard. Five days a week the students learnt by practically working on our construction sites as interns. The sixth day was for theory education, provided by our heads of staff, world-class consultants and associates. We didn’t charge any fee for this institute; we paid each student a stipend instead to cover up for their basic expenses and travelling.The students get to learn a lot by working in this practical environment. At the end of one year of this institute, we give a job guarantee to every student. I am happy to say that we have so far taken 4 batches of this institute and from amongst 200 students about 195 are placed in the industry for work and only 5 students had to depend on this job guarantee. This is a heartening statistic. Some of the supervisors are even getting jobs as project managers because their learning has been immense. A few have started their own small firms for undertaking labour contracts and have turned entrepreneurs. This is the people empowerment that we are doing by skill development in the real estate sector and we are very proud of this. Through this interview I urge all my fellow developers to start similar programs that will empower people and help the industry by getting skilled manpower and also contribute to the nation with growing employment.