Earn, Save, Travel and Make Friends – Airbnb Properties

Earn, Save, Travel and Make Friends – Airbnb Properties


The 2006 movie, ‘The Holiday’, had a unique concept. The leads in the movie reside in London and Los Angeles respectively and are in search of a place for the holiday season. Kate Winslet lives in a ‘quaint cottage’ in Surrey and has a slow paced life, while Cameron Diaz resides in her very lavish Los Angeles home which has a much faster pace. Both are introduced to each other on a home rental website and soon they mutually agree to swap their homes for the holidays. Their primary reason was to get away from a strong regimental life and thus, set out in search of some happiness and peace. By switching homes, they soon warm up to the festive atmosphere in that place which was earlier unknown to them. The movie ends with both having the greatest times of their life and thereafter, build a relationship of deep friendship. Although this screams of a typical movie plot where everything falls into place miraculously and its happiness ever after, Airbnb provides you with very synonymous experience that both Kate and Cameron have in the movie. Airbnb gives you a perfect getaway that you wish for.


Airbnb provides local destinations for the global community thereby giving you a feeling of being home while you are discovering amazing new places that you have always desired to visit. Coupled with affordable rent and a vast array of choices, it assures that by the end of it you surely feel that nothing gets better than this. It also enables hosts and guests to get acquainted through detailed profiles, personal reviews and confirmed verifications. A smart messaging system has also been put into place which helps hosts and guests to communicate, and helps collect & transfer payments securely.

While travelling in India we generally prefer to stick to hotels or maybe rough it out in a tent. This trend is fast changing since the entry of Airbnb. The idea behind this is that simple people with spare rooms in their houses can choose to rent them out just like a hotel helping the host to generate a secondary income while providing the guest with a homely place to stay. Due to this, Airbnb India has been a major factor in altering the trend of living only in hotels while on holiday since its launch in India in 2012.Consumers all round the world seek for value and we Indians are no different than our counter parts in the west. Users of Airbnb India are motivated by three factors namely value for money, access to amenities and local experience. With a relatively younger population and increase in the number of flights, young travelers have greater access to destinations worldwide. The older population too, finds it very desirable for post-retirement holidays. A wide range of accommodations such as apartments, houses and villas are available to choose from at the desired destination. Destinations are not only limited to the metropolitan cities but all round the length and breadth of the India. Places like Goa, Rajasthan, Pune and Gujarat also have accommodations which are well sought after. Apart from the primary aspect , Airbnb is helping create a meaningful impact in the life of the hosts  by helping single women hosts to make ends meet or like in the case of elderly couples (with kids staying overseas) by providing them with an opportunity to meet people across the world.

At inception in 2008, the site was named Airbedandbreakfast.com which was later changed in 2009 to Airbnb. It has proven to be a trusted community marketplace for people to rent out, explore and book unique accommodations all over the globe accessible over the internet even via mobile phone or a tablet. Airbnb connects people to a vast variety of unique travel experiences may it be an apartment for a night, an igloo for a day, a castle for a week, or a villa/cottage for a month. It provides guests with an option to choose their desired destinations from over 20 lakh listings in more than 34,000 cities spread across 190 countries along with world class customer service and an ever increasing number of users. Airbnb is rapidly providing people with one of the easiest way to capitalize on their available extra space by making quick money and also by displaying it to millions of people all over the world.

Airbnb is therefore proving to be very instrumental as it serves a dual purpose of providing unique accommodation solutions for guests as per their requirements as well as helps the hosts to generate more income thereby improving them monetarily. Its popularity speaks for the giant strides that it has taken since its inception and increase in number of users is a proof in itself that it is already enroute to become a huge success.

In addition to all the monetary benefits that Airbnb provides to the people, it has become a source for us to connect and communicate with citizens from all over the world. Just like in the movie ‘The Holiday’, we never know when and how we would find a great friendship with someone who lives millions of miles away.