Jaycee Homes talks with SquareFoot Realty about how they wish to create...

Jaycee Homes talks with SquareFoot Realty about how they wish to create a new definition of ‘home’ for everyone

Mr. Diipesh Bhagtani- Jaycee Homes

Started in 1965, Jaycee Homes has created a brand for itself by building luxury homes for many. Currently the torch bearers, Mr. Dipesh Bhagtani and Mr. Mukesh Bhagtani are leading the company as it takes pride in having completed 250-300 projects in and around Mumbai.

What do you think about the future of Real Estate sector and how will Jaycee Homes contribute towards it?

Real Estate will see some great days in the near future as the Government is backing it up in a huge way. We are hoping to see the sector boom faster with easier norms and easier funding options. Jaycee Homes has been a part of the industry since 50 years and we have contributed in every way possible. Our honourable Chief Minister announced to build 3 lac affordable homes in Maharashtra. So, we are focusing on affordable housing projects as it is the need of the hour. We are looking forward to contribute to the maximum towards this vision of building 3 lac homes.

Which are the good places to buy property in Mumbai?

Currently Chembur is one of the best hotspots. The location seems to be lucrative because of its exceptional connectivity with rest of the suburbs. Connectivity is the most essential when buying a property. Western suburbs are also a good investment because of the Metro. Also the Bandra-Mankhrud Metro will commence soon. Other than that, I reckon Meera Road, Bhayandar, Kalyan, Dombivali, Thane and Bhiwandi are equally good places to buy a property.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

We have 5 on-going projects at Dahisar, affordable 1 & 2 BHK homes at Kanjurmarg, Meera Road. Towards the next quarter, we will focus on 2 projects at Powai and 3 more key projects that will launched soon.

What features do your homes include that sets it apart from the rest?

We have been known as one of the leading pioneers in providing luxury homes which included amenities like Italian flooring, superior quality fitting in the bathrooms, etc. However, now we are shifting our focus towards smart housing with green amenities. Along with that, we aim to provide as much as open spaces we can. Our clientele includes working individuals who have less or no time to manage homes along with their busy schedules. Hence, with smart gadgets installed in their homes, they can take care of their homes with just a click. We are also looking to adopt faster construction technology methods for our future projects.

What kind of attitude one must possess to be a successful developer?

Developers are thrown a new challenge every day. Hence, to be successful, one needs to have unparalleled level of communication with the buyers and stakeholders to achieve timely delivery of the service. We need to deliver more than we commit. The most important factor is the passion towards your work that will drive you to provide superlative quality homes for people. I feel extremely satisfied when I see homes delivered by Jaycee.