How MCHI being a platform is beneficial for real estate developers?

How MCHI being a platform is beneficial for real estate developers?

Prescon city

Prescon Group is a real estate company. We are pre dominantly into residential development. Our main focus is township development. We have our presence in Thane, Rajasthan & Goa. We have built about 5 projects in Thane. We are looking at a sizeable development in Goa which is forthcoming probably in the second half of the year. In Rajasthan also we have about 600 acres of villa scheme development.

Prescon Group- Sanjay Iyer

Prescon Group

Sanjay Iyer- Vice President (Sales)



How do Real Estate exhibitions help in marketing?

There are various types of media namely print, electronic, roadshows, etc. In events /exhibitions customers get a scope to interact with several builders which reduces their time in terms of property search. Plus point for customers is that it’s a one stop shop for homes & finance as well with schemes & discounts. From the builders perspective we get a lot of footfalls and also this is promoted through all media. So it’s a profitable from both the ends. Everything is under one roof. And I have always believed that an interactive media is more important than any other medium.

Technology has grown so much. But what are developers doing for eco system?

The advent of STP which is sewage system plant, water treatment plant, solar power system are all adding value to the ecological system. Whatever we can add to eco system we are adding by these techniques. Now days, govt. has made it mandatory for all big projects to have all these systems in place because it is expected that by 2020 water will be 25% less than what we get today. Every developer is trying their level best to take care of the ecological system. We try to do a lot of plantation & to shift trees rather than cutting them.