Interview with :: Atul Agarwal (Chairman of MCHI)

Interview with :: Atul Agarwal (Chairman of MCHI)


Atul Agarwal
Chairman of MCHI

Atul AgarwalThe Chairman of MCHIMr. Atul Agarwal is well known for his contribution to housing and construction sector in Navi Mumbai. Over the years, he has witnessed the markets undergoing many changes and he has also strived for the development in the real estate department.


Q. How is MCHI beneficial for entrepreneurs or builders?

MCHI is the only representative body of builders/developers connected with the real estate industry in Maharashtra i.e. The Maharashtra Chambers of Housing Society. It has more than 1000 members all across Mumbai. MCHI has different units like Raigad unit, Navi Mumbai unit, Thane unit, Kalyan & Dombivali unit. So basically, it’s a representative body & under the banner of MCHI we conduct various exhibitions either in Mumbai or Thane, Kalyan, Dombivali or Raigad. The idea is that we have a strict code of conduct and whoever wants to be the member of MCHI has to follow the ethics & practices. Out of those members we showcase the exhibition. There is an interaction between the visitors and flag buyers so all the members (builders) come under one umbrella making it convenient for the buyer or sellers. It helps everyone in taking decisions because of many varieties ranging from 10 L to 2 Cr in Navi Mumbai.

Q. What is MCHI’s focus for 2015?

There has been a stagnancy period since last 3 to 5 years.  With developing infrastructure & the invasion of Navi Mumbai Airport, we feel that now is the right time for anybody who wishes to buy any property because of the cost factor. The prices are reasonable. We feel that this would help many buyers and hence we are coming up with the exhibition this year.

Q. What role does MCHI play in Navi Mumbai real estate scenario?

MCHI has always solved the problems of various developers. We take the delegations to the Chief Minister regarding urban department, housing sector, municipal corporation or at the CIDCO level. We discuss about every issue at all levels in meetings like NAINA, Gaothan and Infrastructure development.

Q. How will this exhibition help the new property buyers?

Let me explain you with an example. When you go to any mall, you have various choices because everything can be found under one roof. The same applies here. When we are showcasing the properties, they have different projects, different brand name, different buyers with different quality and much more. So people have many options. There are many financial institutions or spot loan sanction services all of which otherwise takes time since people need to visit the companies. So the buyer can take fast decisions. Many builders also offer discounts at such time to attract audience which can benefit them.

Q. What is the future of MCHI?

MCHI is spread in Maharashtra and we are connected at the national level with CREDAI. CREDAI in Mumbai has got over 11000 members from all over India. Our main aim is to extend our number of units because they will take care of the local issues that the parent body might not be aware of. The main MCHI unit in Mumbai might not have any knowledge of the problems in Navi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan or Raigad. So, our plan is to spread further more units in Maharashtra in the future so it can help in many ways.